The project is located in Bengkulu Province, about 80 km north of Bengkulu City.

Actual services provided by ELC within the assignment are the following:

  • Feasibility study, including a justification of the Project, the assessment of the geothermal resources, the conceptual design of the facilities, the economic and financial analysis and the social-environmental assessment;
  • Assistance in the pre-qualification process, through preparation of the P/Q documents, evaluation of bids and selection of qualified bidders;
  • Assistance in the preparation of the Documents, including Front End Engineering Design of the Geothermal Power Plants (GPPs), elaboration of the
  • Tecimical Specifications, Bill of Quantities, Schedule of Activities and Cost Estimate and preparation of the whole Tender package;
  • Design Review;
  • Monitoring of environmental and social issues;
  • Transfer of knowledge to Client’s personnel;
  • Assistance during testing and commissioning of the power plants;
  • Assistance during the warranty period.

Photo Gallery - Hululais Geothermal Power Plant